ACCESSORIES REPORT: Personalized Jewels

Accessories Report

Personally, I am all about customized jewelry. Ever since my high school graduation when my best friend generously gave us all beautifully monogrammed gold necklaces, I have had a weakness for meaningful jewels. I went through a strictly silver phase, where I would wear at least six to seven rings randomized over my fingers, and then I later grew into a more sophisticated look of just a few gold pieces at a time. I always had trouble mixing gold and silver because I just felt too mismatched and jumbled, however, I now love sets of rings that come in a pack together and that are a mixture of different types. One of my favorite collections is from Madewell and is a cluster of four rings that range from a thin diamond silver band to a triangular and gold modern ring.

This Fashionista got me thinking about how trendy initialed necklaces and rings are because she wears a simple gold “L” necklace to represent her name. The way to truly emphasize this small and somewhat unassuming necklace is to pair it with something bold: a statement watch. This Fashionista rocks the extremely rare and special edition Michael Kors watch of which the proceeds go towards hunger philanthropy. This watch is especially close to my heart due to the fact that I work at Michael Kors, however, I find that it is one of the few watches on the market that can pull off an vibrantly colored face without looking tacky or childlike.

Even more so, this Fashionista is a trendsetter because she has shifted the faux fur vest craze into a slightly different look with her unique sheep-like oversized vest. I love this piece because it is original and is definitely not an article of clothing that you commonly see on campus.  Pairing this with a sleek black shirt would also be a great switch up for an outfit that is slightly fancier and more business appropriate. The vest has neutral colors of camel and beige which make it the perfect accessory to enliven any outfit. Saks Fifth Avenue is the perfect place to find a vest that matches your style because it always varies the types of vests it carries and is a place that leads the way with beautiful fur and faux fur accessories.

Lastly, I want to point out this Fashionista’s flannel because it is different than most with its lightweight texture and wintery color scheme. I think it is so important to switch out of the traditional sweaters every once in a while and go bold with a pattern like this flannel presents.

Spotted: If you are looking for a more upscale simple ring with a spark of glamour, check out Monique Péan’s jewelry! Similarly, Alexis Bittar has a beautiful collection of thin gold rings with a splash of color which is another way to add that personalized touch. Lastly, check out Fallon’s spin on the traditional monogramed ring as it is now more contemporary.


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