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Everyone remembers their first day of freshmen orientation and those sticky generic name tags inviting you to finish the phrase “Hello, my name is…” Too bad colleges don’t give out necklaces like these instead! I guarantee you that they would help ease incoming freshmen Fashionistas into their latest life transition. This simple, gold script necklace does all the talking when paired with this outfit. It adds the perfect personal touch and certainly does not go unnoticed.

This Fashionista’s necklace is a subtle hint of style. Sure statement necklaces are fun to wear, I know I have several plus a few in my jewelry collection, but, a necklace such as this one is far more versatile. It is one of those pieces of jewelry that you would be able to wear any day regardless of your festivities. This Fashionista informed me that she is never without this necklace. It’s her signature piece of jewelry and that’s what she loves the most about it. It’s essentially effortless to incorporate into any ensemble.

As an avid people-watcher, I feel confident saying that necklaces similar to this one are a hot commodity these days. I often times find my eye being attracted to a lovely flicker of gold on the neckline of a fellow Fashionista. Sometimes it is a little charm or my personal favorite is the iconic monogram. No matter what is on the chain, the delicate look of these necklines is feminine while at the say time fun and flirty.

If you are digging this accessory check out South Moon Under because this shop offers lots of options. Take a look at the gemstone on this necklace perfect if your a bohemian babe. I am also a huge fan of these initial charms! No matter what kind of necklace you gravitate towards just remember to let it showcase a little piece of you.

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