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The tickle of a warm breeze, beautiful flowers covering what used to be brown frozen ground, grass finally turning a vibrant green hue, and the stress of finals approaching. These hints can only mean one thing; summer is creeping up on us. The outdoor surroundings are transitioning from what seemed like desolate minimalism – the winter, to a harmonious combination of patterns, prints and colors – summer.

What surrounds us affects us in one way or another. It could alter your mood or inspire your choices. As summer approaches, there is no doubt that the uplifting weather will impact your style choices.

This Fashionisto mimics the transformational nature through his outfit. Just like nature is developing colors, textures and patterns, this Fashionisto is adding colors, textures, patterns and prints to his outfit. One amazing way to do this is with accessories.

This Fashionisto knows how to compliment multiple patterns within his outfit like a pro. He has a variety of patterns incorporated into his look, and with the addition of a camo beanie, the outfit still flows. It actually looks even more put together. The somewhat neutral but bold pattern of the beanie complements his bold white and navy dot sweatshirt that also, if you look closely, goes amazingly with his multicolored paisley patterned T-shirt.

He also rocks a cool hooded leather jacket, along with a pair of edgy double zipper black skinny jeans and dark gray sneakers.

I bet that either the weather itself or the excitement of summer at least slightly affects your choices when you get dressed everyday. If it is not encouraging crazy cool pattern and print mixes like this Fashionisto, than why not give it a shot for yourself? You just may end up looking as creative, stylish and put together as this guy. All you need are a few patterned accessories!

Spotted: From shoes to bow ties to hats, camo is used very tastefully in the Mark McNairy New Amsterdam fall 2014 menswear collection. And for you Fashionistas out there, take a look at the L.A.M.B. fall 2014 ready-to-wear collection for some camo styling inspiration.


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