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Although in the past I have made my case about why a tote or handbag makes for a wonderful substitution for a classic book bag, by no means am I against a good backpack. In fact, if I’m being honest, sometimes I feel like I’ve spent the better part of my life searching for the perfect backpack to throw over my shoulders and carry around campus, albeit to no avail. I knew that rather than a more traditional canvas backpack, I wanted one that enabled me to express my sense of style while still serving its purpose of holding my various necessities about campus. After hunting for this ideal backpack for quite a long time, I figured that my wish was nothing more than a dream that refused to come true and that I would be forced to carry my books over one shoulder in a tote for the rest of my college days. When I spotted this Fashionista on campus, however, my outlook changed entirely.

This Fashionista carried a backpack that was leather and had a bottom pocket that was coated with studs. She wore it with a white, lace button-up shirt, and balanced the femininity of the lace with a tough leather jacket, pair of leggings and boots. She topped her look off with a black beanie which further added to the laid-back coolness of her overall outfit. I loved the fact that her backpack was a true reflection of her style and instantly meshed with her ensemble.

So, Fashionistas, if you’re someone like me who has always stayed true to her oversized handbags and totes, why not venture out and strap on a backpack that works for you? You can’t possibly go wrong with this classic leather book bag from Urban Outfitters. And if you like a bag with a pattern, go ahead and check out this adorable gingham backpack from Forever 21 or this polka-dotted one from Nordstrom.

No matter what your style may be, there’s a backpack out there that’s not only handy for toting your books around campus, but will also pack a punch when styling your look for the day.

Spotted: The Louis Vuitton spring 2010 collection showcased a gorgeous variety of backpacks.


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