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I know what you are probably thinking— scarves are more of a fall and winter accessory. Well, when you live in Indiana, you never know when you will need to pull out your winter apparel in the middle of spring. It is a pain, but considering fall fashion is some of my favorite fashion, I can’t say I’m terribly upset about mixing my season styles.

This week’s Fashionista wears a flowy black blouse from Urban Outfitters, covered by a tan leather jacket similar to one that I found from ASOS. She paired it with an oversized knit scarf, like one that I was able to find from Urban Outfitters. Anything oversized can add something different to your outfit! For instance, boyfriend jeans— they are meant to be a little baggy but only to give a boyish edge to your ensemble. Of course in this case we are focusing on our Fashionista’s scarf, which not only keeps her snug on this windy day in Muncie, but adding an oversized scarf gives your outfit more of a cozy feel. She also keeps her clothing colors relatively neutral so she easily could have worn any color and going for an earthy, yellow-green colored scarf was perfect.

This outfit is great for running a few errands around town. Also, if she traded her blouse and jeans in for a floral skater dress, like this one from PacSun, she could grab lunch with the parents. Hopefully the weather will be a little less cold and windy when if you decide to switch to a dress. Plus the floral aspect of the dress is obviously great for spring time!

Spotted: Sister by Sibling fall 2013 show displays some really crazy scarves with their outfit! I love it, but I totally couldn’t pull it off!


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