ACCESSORIES REPORT: Orange-n’t You Stylish

Accessories Report

What’s your favorite color? Since I can remember, purple has always been my favorite color. From being associated with the color of royalty to showing my Husky pride, purple represents elegance, beauty and is just an overall wonderful color. Then there are some colors I dislike. Orange tends to be at the opposite end of the spectrum and it most likely stems from the fact that I just do not look good in it. It is no doubt that color plays an extremely important, if not vital, part in the fashion world so when even this Fashionista’s orange backpack caught my eye, I knew I had to rethink my color likings.

When dressing up for school, it can sometimes be discouraging when your whole outfit looks stellar, but your backpack is far from that. I can understand the difficulty when one is walking mile after mile with what seems like 50 pounds of books and is forced to choose functionality over fashion. This Fashionista here proves that fashion does not stop at just the outfit as she carries her books both easily and chicly. Taking a closer look, this Fashionista’s color block orange backpack is satchel style leather with gold accents. Wearing a trendy navy blue and white plaid peacoat, her backpack accents the orange highlights in the peacoat perfectly. She keeps the focus on her bag with a more subtle bottom wearing black tights and black leather boots. This look ends up being both functional and fashionable, what more could you ask for?

Now that we all want a new backpack, you can find like one like this Fashionista’s at ASOS. Choose one in your favorite color that’s versatile and shows off your personality. Keep chic with a complementary printed peacoat to add dimension and uniqueness to your outfit. Boots are essential footwear to any winter wardrobe so grab a pair of cute black leather boots to walk to class in style. Mix it up and go for a more preppy look with a cute neutral blouse, a pair of printed trousers and loafers.

So, the next time you head to the library, don’t let your books or your bag get you down. Take some tips from this Fashionista and brighten those dark winter days with a bright pop of color. With your own fun statement backpack, you might actually be excited to grab your books and go study!

Spotted: Phillip Lim’s resort 2014 collection features the perfect white satchel backpack to accompany the modern womenswear.


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