Accessories Report

We always tell ourselves to go for it and try something new, but sometimes going outside of our comfort zones can feel overwhelming and nerve-wracking. But when outfits start to feel like Groundhog’s Day, you know it’s time to mix it up. There are a few easy ways to add something new.

Sporting an edgy accessory is a reliable and easy outfit reviver. I suggest swapping an everyday, plain accessory for something with sparkle, studs or fringe to accompany that repetitive outfit you’ve “rocked” Monday, Wednesday and Friday. When your friends start asking if you’ve changed all week, that’s when you know it’s gone too far.

Our Fashionista’s easy-going outfit gets an instant touch of vigor with this DIY black fringe scarf. The accessory adds character to a jeans and T-shirt get-up quickly thrown on before that 9 a.m. economics lecture; the class that is almost harder to get to than the front of a line on Black Friday. Accompanied with a great beanie, this chick can get through the day warm and accessorized to the nines.

Fringe is the ultimate eye-appeal. With every stomp on the pavement, the sway of the synced threads acts as a metronome that adds rhythm to a bustling day. The texture of fringe, without overdoing it, creates just the right touch of sass and glam to remedy a Fashionista’s daily dosage. An outfit lacking personality is not worth adorning. Believe in your style choices, you owe yourself that while getting through another day of endless studying and dreary, rainy skies.

Spotted: 3.1 Philip Lim spring 2014 utilized the fringe fan favorite on unlikely pieces like shirts and pants.


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