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It’s official. The ombré trend has taken the world by storm. From denim shorts to freshly painted nails, the gradual fading of light to dark has been every Fashionista’s go-to pattern. The possibilities are endless with ombré patterns. Let your thulian pinks fade into a brilliant marigold yellow and your stark whites sink into a deep navy blue. Not only are ombré patterns appealing to the eye, but they add a dynamic kick to just about anything. They keep it interesting, fun and most importantly, stylish!

The one thing you should know about the ombré trend is that it is versatile with a capital ‘V.’ You’ll find it on bedspreads, makeup and even cakes! This particular Fashionista shows you two different ways it can be incorporated into your outfit. One of the most popular ways people (as well as this Fashionista) have been utilizing the ombré effect is through their hair. If you flip through any magazine these days, you’ll notice that the ombré hair has been a huge hit with A-list celebrities. People are absolutely smitten with this look, and why not? It’s low maintenance, adds dimension and can give you a sun-kissed look when done right. For this Fashionista, her hair compliments her without looking like she’s skipped one-too-many trips to the salon.

With the winter months upon us, knit-sweaters have been a huge hit and her ombré sweater is an even bigger hit. The pink, purple and blue hues have all been incorporated flawlessly into the fabric without being overwhelming. Her black leggings and military boots allow the colors to pop while her on-trend statement necklace brings the attention up to her face. This outfit is colorful, comfortable and cute!

If you’re not a fan of color-blocking, but love your vibrant hues, give the ombré trend a try! It’s perfect for collared shirts during the day and work well on skirts for a fun night out. If it’s too much color for you, try incorporating it in your necklaces or earrings. It’ll give a subtle pop of color to any outfit! Oh, and boys? You can get in on this trend too. Try something as simple as this comfortably casual Calvin Klein T-shirt.

Spotted: Karl Lagerfield embraced this trend for Chanel’s spring 2012 couture collection.


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