ACCESSORIES REPORT: Nothing Greater Than Gold

Accessories Report

Gold jewelry has made a comeback in the last couple of years. I personally wear almost exclusively gold jewelry, and if I do wear silver I make sure to mix it with rose gold or gold tones. In my opinion, there is just something about gold jewelry that makes it pop more than silver jewelry. Especially when gold is paired with black, it looks just incredible.

Today’s Fashionista has an outfit that exemplifies how beautifully gold jewelry stands out against black. Other than her gold necklace and bracelets, today’s Fashionista is wearing two other black accessories that frame her outfit perfectly. Unlike everywhere else in the United States this month, it is raining here, not snowing, so her classic black Hunter rain boots are a must. Along with her black leggings and oversized button-down blouse, her rain boots make her look a bit more casual—perfect for class. Her large black glasses help round out her well-matched accessories.

Now on to the gold jewelry perfection. Her gold chain-link curb necklace is the perfect length and shape to complement the neckline of her top and her Alex and Ani bangle stack looks gorgeous against her red Ikat cardigan from Forever 21. What works about her accessories is that she does not over do it. She lets her gold bangles and necklace do the work and does not try to add multiple rings or earrings. A lot of the time, less is more.

Next time you are shopping, try to gravitate away from the silver jewelry and go toward gold jewelry. I mean, doesn’t gold always beat silver? At least that is what these 2014 winter Olympics have taught me.

Spotted: In Betsey Johnson’s fall 2014 ready-to-wear collection, she paired a long gold chain necklace with every single eclectic look sent down the runway at the most recent New York Fashion Week.


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