ACCESSORIES REPORT: Not So Classic Glasses

Accessories Report

I distinctly remember standing in front of my bathroom mirror, trying to remain unbelievably calm in order to trace a magic marker along the glass to discover the shape of my face.  The lines came out distorted—at least, I hoped that wasn’t what my face looked like.  Every teeny-bopper magazine I read forced the question: “What sunglasses are best for your face type?”  Well, what was my face type?  Heart?  Whose face really looked like a heart?  All of the celebrities they featured looked practically identical—and all ridiculously gorgeous—which definitely didn’t help me match my own jawline to these airbrushed actresses’.

However, recently, I have discovered that when it comes to choosing your perfect pair of sunglasses, it’s more about the numerous detailings than the strict shape.  Whether blocking the rays at the Yellow Jackets’ game or relaxing at Piedmont Park with your best friend and a pile of textbooks—we do go to Georgia Tech, after all— the only necessary trick is to find the size that doesn’t dwarf or magnify the size of your head.  Besides that, the newest and greatest trend in sunglasses is risk-taking!  Go for a bold turtle pair, a neon frame with clear lenses or a brash and colorful Croakie!  Protect your eyes in the healthiest and most fashion-forward way with a hint of an edge.

Here, our Fashionista embraces the bright Atlanta sun while sporting the standard gold-rimmed, dark-lensed Ray-Ban Aviators.  The twist?  A bright and noteworthy Lilly Pulitzer Croakie with a floral design and “Social Butterfly… xo Lilly” written across it.  Your face is obviously your most noticed attribute when trekking to class or lounging in the courtyard, so why not show off your style with a forthright and daring pair of sun specs?

Spotted: On Fendi’s runway, Daria Strokous sported see-through shades, complete with an appropriate blue-and-white nautical ensemble.


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