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Let’s be honest, somewhere in your closet there’s a turtleneck. If you’re like me, the only time you’ve ever worn one is because you were forced to take part in a horrible 90s Christmas family photo shoot. But hey, thankfully the turtleneck has reinvented itself for winter and designers found a way to make them chic and tasteful. The turtleneck is back and looking better than ever.

This Fashionista is wearing a J.Crew funnel-neck jacket, black leggings, a white tee and riding boots. Though she’s not wearing a stereotypical turtleneck, the funnel-neck jacket is a close relative. This jacket takes on the form of a turtleneck, mimicking the high-neck and the tailored fit. This winter season it all about the high-necked dresses, sweaters, and tops for a fashionable way of staying warm. Additionally, what’s great about this jacket is the wool material and the simple gold details. This jacket can easily be casually worn to class, or can be dressed up for those totally normal college nights at the opera.

No scarf? No problem. This is my favorite part about funnel-neck jackets and turtleneck sweaters. If you’re in a rush and forget to throw on your scarf, totally not an issue. Think of it as, killing two birds with one stone: the turtle/funnel-neck is right on par with the trend of high neck lines AND your neck is inevitably warm for cold walks to class.

One of the most feminine parts of a woman is their neck. Typically we see women wearing low cut tops or accessories with blinged out necklaces to call attention to clavicles and necks. Let’s switch it up. Add some mystery in your everyday outfits. Whether you’re into knitted, fitted, chunky or patterned, the turtle or funnel-neck jacket is definitely a must have for the next couple winter months.

Spotted: Alexander Wang‘s pre-fall 2014 show has a variety of ways you can wear high-neck line garments.


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