Accessories Report, From the Editor

Friday is always an interesting day of the week. On one hand, you are excited that it is the weekend and it is time to sleep in, kick back and relax with friends. On the other hand, however, you brain is fried from a long week of classes, exams, homework, meetings, applying for internships and the one or two (or seven) episodes of House of Cards you managed to fit in.

So come the weekend, you don’t want to have to think too much about anything. I knew this Fashionista shared my sentiment when I saw her grabbing a coffee as she kicked off her Saturday. No, it wasn’t the venti iced coffee that gave it away. It was her no-brainer accessories!

Every Fashionista should own a trusty, go-to, can-take-you-anywhere handbag. This Fashionista’s hobo style bag is the ideal bag. It is large enough to carry all your daily essentials plus some. The soft leather continues to look even better the more you wear it. The black leather is accented by subtle hints of metallic, which adds some interest while still allowing to be rather versatile. The relaxed style of the hobo bag is casual and carefree—two adjectives that also describe the perfect weekend.

The rest of this Fashionista’s accessories echo this same cool yet casual look. Her wide brim fedora gives her a rocker, bohemian vibe. I love how she styled tilted it, making it slightly off-center. Her tights with the embroidered thigh-high pattern take all of five seconds to pull on and carry a lot of charm and style.

So as you take some time this weekend to decompress, take a moment to get inspired by this Fashionista’s handbag and accessories. After seeing how simply put-together she looks, wearing these stylish pieces should be no-brainer.

Spotted: Fendi’s fall 2013 runway show turned the hobo bag into anything but a simple bag by the addition of some fur accents.

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