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One of the wonderful perks about living in Illinois is the cold, wintry weather…not! The past couple of weeks the weather has drastically changed. Here in Bloomington, Illinois we’ve reached negative degree temperatures, ice covering the ground and snow has lightly fallen. As I was shivering while walking from class to class, I was certain that I wouldn’t spot any accessories roaming around campus. I figured people were either hibernating in their warm rooms or bundled up in too many layers of clothing, but these two Fashionistas proved me wrong with their adorable monogrammed scarves from Marley Lilly!

Scarves are such a common accessory, but most people don’t realize that they have the power to add detail to any outfit. These Fashionistas are wrapped in scarves in order to stay warm on their walk to class, but their scarves also complement their long winter jackets and black boots. I know that it’s a challenge to be stylish outdoors during the winter time but it is definitely possible! Scarves used to only be worn when people were outside, but something currently trending is wearing scarves with everyday outfits like sweaters and button-ups. Many times I catch myself dressing in a black V-neck, jeans and boots. There’s no better way to perfect this plain outfit than by adding a color scarf to it. Try sporting a floral patterned scarf from Forever 21 or Express.

I can proudly say that I have an obsession with scarves; they are one of my favorite accessories because they work with any outfit. I probably have around 15 scarves but something that these Fashionistas’ scarves have that mine don’t are their initials. Monogramming has become very popular in the past couple of years and I’m all for it! It’s a great way to add your own personal touch to your accessories. Scarves, purses and jewelry are just a few items that can be monogrammed. I highly suggest checking out Marley Lilly where you can pick and choose your own design of your initials.

Spotted: For other cute scarves check out DKNY’s 2013 spring collection.


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