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What with the holiday season fast approaching, nothing exudes more class and style than a monogram necklace. Consider this accessory when buying a gift because there’s a zero percent chance the recipient will be displeased. Fashionistas everywhere will appreciate the delicate elegance of this timeless accessory. Spotted on a warmer afternoon of finals week, this Fashionista is wearing a single monogram pendant necklace. Looking very street chic in her emerald J.Crew vest and white lace sweater, she left room for the golden hue of this accessory to shine with perfection. Tan boots and a few other golden accessories wrap up her outfit leaving her preppy but urban look.

A monogram necklace is delicate and timeless. If taken care of, this accessory can last you a lifetime.  A single or tripe initial pendant is perfect for a professional environment or a party dress. Whether it’s a necklace or a bracelet, the style of these necklaces varies. For an edgy, unique piece, this Jen Zeuner plate is a cool addition to a layer of bling. For a fun, quirky style, try a bright green or pink for a splash of color to a neutral ensemble.

When buying a necklace, consider the quality of the designer. I recommend splurging on this investment, but other, more affordable options are out there too! In essence, there’s no going wrong with this beautiful piece of jewelry. For a close girlfriend, or a gift for a Secret Santa partner, seriously consider a monogram necklace. They are versatile, beautiful and glamorous.

Spotted: The Louis Vuitton spring ready-to-wear collection featured monogram print in a different light. While it wasn’t a necklace, printed monogram skirts were all the rave on the runway.


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