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Jewelry through the ages goes through certain stages of refinement. There were years with glorious necklaces dripping in jewels with matching earrings, times of simple charm necklaces, decades of costume jewelry in entire prisms of colors and then you have today. Today you see statement necklaces galore, classic metal bands and boutique style bracelets. This jewelry can say whatever you’d like it to, but it’s all about how you wear it.

Today’s Fashionista embraces jewelry wholeheartedly. Her ears are adorned with mismatched earrings in simple metals, going through multiple piercings or cuffs. On her fingers she wears a plethora of rings in different metals, sizes and styles. She uses a heavy gold chain to make a statement. She even brings the gold through her outfit with black tights flecked with gold sparkles, and ripped for a bit of edge. All of these accessories accent a blue velvet dress and a popping red lip — an otherwise simple outfit brought to life.

These days jewelry is mostly found in simple metals, cut into more interesting shapes than the typical silhouettes of the past. Rings fit on two fingers instead of one, and it doesn’t have to be the ring finger. Earrings have chains connecting different holes or disregard piercings altogether and just cuff around the cartilage. It’s innovative and freeing, allowing the wearer to take things into her own hands. This Fashionista uses jewelry to take on a more grunge approach. The mismatched jewelry is freely applied but with a certain amount of deliberate styling. In the end, it’s all about mixing things up.

Spotted: Jean Paul Gaultier layers mismatched necklaces for a rocker look in his spring 2011 ready-to-wear collection.


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