ACCESSORIES REPORT: Midterm Madness à la Mode

Accessories Report

As the days get longer here in the Pacific Northwest, so do the number of hours I study for classes. Homework, midterms, group projects, presentations and papers are in full swing and ALL due sometime in the next week. I’m not one for conspiracy theories but I really believe professors secretly get together and decide to make all assignments due on the same day.

The good news is that you can still be stylish and comfortable while hitting the books. I caught this Fashionista on her way to a midterm in this super cute outfit. By accessorizing it with a couple of matching key items, she was able to pull of a girl-next-door vibe and show up to her midterm in style!

When you don’t have time to fully accessorize, make sure that you have on a good pair of shoes and a fashionable bag. The Fashionista’s ankle combat boots are a great staple piece that is easy to throw on when rushing out the door in the morning. The loose laces and brown color give a rugged feel while still being feminine.

To match the boots, the Fashionista also has on a brown, rugged looking backpack from Aeropostale. The thing I love about this backpack is that it seems like it can carry a lot of stuff while still being stylish. It complements the combat boots as the worn texture gives it a rustic feel with femininity in the backpack design. Matching the color of your backpack and shoes can really pull your look together. It’ll look like you put a lot of thought in matching your outfit when it actually only took seconds.

I also need to point out the adorable oversized bear sweater. It’s definitely still sweater weather season. Some of the most popular sweaters this season are those with an animal print, which can serve as an accessory itself. Through her graphic animal sweater, this Fashionista is able to add something unique to her outfit. I suggest that if you’re going to wear a lot of solid color pieces, try to mix in a print to balance your look.

So whether you’re off to take a midterm or heading to a study session, remember that it’s possible to still look stylish while being comfortable. Focus on only a couple accessories if you’re short on time or throw on an animal print sweater. Trust me, you’ll feel more confident showing up to a midterm in style.

Spotted: It seems like the stars of cat videos have made their way into the fashion industry. Animal print made an appearance in Markus Lupfer’s pre-fall 2014 collection.


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