Accessories Report

At this time of year for Tulane Students, the weather is one to take advantage of and soak in. Much to our likings, we haven’t had any cold days in a while and instead the quads have been full of tanning students and shorts galore. Everyone has been wearing shorts, sundresses, tank tops and even bathing suits. One Fashionista really caught my eye as I was walking to class on a beautiful day, she was wearing a maxi dress that embraced the new warm, spring weather. This style represented summer-like clothes, coming out of the closet for a relaxed look on a day of class.

This Fashionista was wearing a plain blue colored maxi dress with simple flats to show off her carefree look. What I loved most about her outfit was the simple bracelets she wore so that it didn’t overstate her dress. To find a look similar to hers, one could wear a maxi skirt with a plain colored tank.

I think that when the weather is as beautiful as it is now, people can express their style through their outfit choices. This Fashionista’s pulled back hair, with dark sunglasses had her ready for a day in the sun and laying outside after class. Her outfit could easily be turned into the perfect date-night outfit or for dinner with friends, by just adding a denim jacket and some statement pieces.

So, Fashionistas, if you’re looking for a new outfit to match the new change in weather, reach deep into your closet for a maxi dress or a maxi skirt, put on some flip flops and go lay outside!

Spotted: In Donna Karan’s spring 2014 runway show, floor length dresses were shown with statement necklace pieces.


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