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The reason most of us attend college is to receive a degree in something we are passionate about.  We want to become educated members of society, and more so, we want to be seen as intellectual. Well, how is it possible to portray that through our outer image? I mean, we only really have five minutes to get ready in the morning before we have to rush off just to barely make it in time for our eight a.m. history class. With our busy schedules as college students, we don’t have the time to carefully plan out our outfits every single morning; however, I believe I have found a solution to that problem, with the help of a Fashionisto and some great accessories.

While strolling on campus one gray morning, I spotted a Fashionisto who had on some  accessories that definitely gave off the impression of someone who meant serious business. While his clothing is fairly casual, it is the accompanying accessories that complete his look. He wears a graphic tee, gray jeans and flip flops.  Super casual, right? Looks like he’s ready for a day lounging in a patio enjoying the sun. But, that is not the image we get when we look at his outfit as a whole.  He adds on to his outfit by wearing wide frame glasses, a classic watch and a leather messenger bag.

The wide frame glasses, which are becoming a big trend in street style, allow for the focus of the outfit be on his face rather than on the clothing. It is an accessory that, as previously noted, can change your entire image. It changes his look from casual to an image of an intellectual, put together college student. Keeping consistent with his image, his classic watch and messenger bag only help accentuate that look. His watch has a leather band and large face, which encompasses a simple and timeless style.  In addition, the leather messenger bag that matches the watch’s band is more of an uncommon accessory.  Yet, it replaces the casual style that would be assumed if he were wearing a backpack and is also a classic staple used by professionals and students alike.

Spotted: Get the intellectual look yourself (because we all know you ARE smart) and check out some of the styles Jean Paul Gaultier used in their runway show!


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