ACCESSORIES REPORT: Looking Good In Layers

Accessories Report

2014 blew in much like 2013 blew out. The winter months continue to share temperature swings and New Haven, Connecticut isn’t a city being spared this misfortune. No matter the temperature, the challenge for the fashion conscious is how to deal with the fluctuation, not only day to day, but sometimes throughout a given day itself.

We all agree that there’s nothing like a full day ahead of you and having a curve ball thrown into your plans. What’s worse than seeing a weather forecast that indicates chilly morning temperatures in the 30 degree range followed by much warmer conditions in the afternoon? What’s a Fashionista/o to do?! With no time to make it back to your apartment or dorm room for a change in wardrobe, the only logical thing to do is layer up! And how do you make those layered outfits look interesting and fashionable? The answer is accessorize my friends!

Most accessories are worn as secondary pieces to an outfit and used to top off one’s look. But sometimes accessories are the primary pieces to an outfit and instead of merely complementing a look, they ARE the look! Here, this Fashionista displays the idea perfectly. She incorporates layered jackets into her look and really accessorizes through color. All of this caught my eye outside of Commons as she hurried to get inside out of the chilly midday air.

As I approached her, I noted that her simple ensemble was the perfect outfit for that particular day. She appeared comfortable and casual, and with each layer of outerwear she chose to peel, she would still remain very stylish.

Her outermost layer is not the typical go-to black or brown color. Instead, it’s a grey-green military inspired coat with cargo pockets and a beautiful plaid liner that is complemented by the oatmeal colored fleece jacket worn under it.The front pockets are large enough to hold gloves, keys, id, money and even a cellphone – all nicely secured by a pocket flap.  Each garment flatters the cream and olive striped sweater she wore as her last layer.

Her knee-high round toe riding boots appear to be made of soft distressed leather and features ankle straps with barely seen buckles.The saddle brown color is the perfect hue for a casual look and a great change from the popular black riding boots seen on everyone these days.

Looking closer I observed she was also sporting an oversized watch that drew my attention toward her layered bracelets, each with their own unique details.The first was a Tory Burch bangle, while the second was a brown double wrap style bracelet garnished with silver ornament-like studs.

This apparel, paired with these great accessories, is the perfect attire for a day when one is busy running around, engaging in normal college student activity or just having a casual outing with friends. Remember, you never have to sacrifice comfy and casual to be confident and stylish as well.

Spotted: The sophisticated style of layering is innate to some of us but for others, it’s quite the challenge. But as seen in Isabel Marant’s fall 2013 collection, layering doesn’t necessarily lead to frumpiness.


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