ACCESSORIES REPORT: Living The High(top) Life

Accessories Report

This winter has really taken a toll on us New Englanders. Never-ending snow that is in a vicious cycle of melting, freezing and melting once more, turning itself into the worse kind of slush, is something we have been enduring for, by my calculations, far too long.

Because of this ever-present slush, the only shoes viable for wear have been some rough-and-tumble boots. While these are helpful and can be very chic, months of being regulated to one type of shoe can be disheartening and harmful to a Fashionista’s style. In preparation for the coming spring, Fashionistas everywhere are stripping their winter boots for more lightweight options, while still retaining their rubber soles so not to purely ignore Mother Nature.

This Fashionista is taking advantage of shedding her boots for a less constricting, more chic alternative: high-top Converse! These classic shoes, lovingly referred to as “Chuck Taylors” have been around since 1917 when basketball shoes were attempting to be marketed to the masses.

Considering these shoes, which although have undergone many different looks by guest designers, have remained generally unchanged in these almost 100 years is definitely a sign of a classic. “Chucks” are found in essentially every genre and work for every type of person, as the effortlessly cool look can be worn in a variety of settings and gives off an undeniably relaxed and modern vibe.

If you are hoping to get your hands, er, feet, on some of these timeless shoes, the classic white can be found here! If you are of the more adventurous and individual persona, Converse now lets you design your own pair!

Spotted: Remember when Missoni got on the Chuck Taylor bandwagon in 2010? Who wouldn’t wear their signature zig-zag on their feet? Apparently Missoni can’t chuck the Chucks, and sent them down the runway for the fall 2014 menswear collection, this time with shearling in the laces!


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