ACCESSORIES REPORT: Little Black Briefcase

Accessories Report

I have to tell you, I got so excited when I saw this Fashionista. Everything about this look is interesting. It screams ’90s, which I just can’t get enough of right now.

You can imagine as an accessories reporter my obsession with this Fashionista’s little black briefcase. Initially I thought it was this trendy, offbeat statement piece. (One that’s far too hipster for me to ever pull off). Despite my intrigue, I was still in the dark as to its exact function. My bet was primarily on it being a briefcase, but maybe a purse? It could have also been a lunchbox or an art supplies case. Regardless, as I was snapping pictures I learned that this epic fashion accessory is none other than her clarinet case! So, I was completely off.

However, after realizing my mistake and laughing it off, I still couldn’t help but think the look of the case coupled with her own style aesthetic is just so rock and roll. I love how many textures play into the outfit itself. She wore a faded brown leather jacket over her pastel floral blazer followed by a band tee. Then you have the jet black case with gold hardware giving some industrial flavor. Seriously, it looked so effortless and cool. Nothing about this look is forced. Even down to this Fashionista’s socks that don’t necessarily go with anything, but are there and awesome because of it!

This Fashionista completely embodies a relaxed rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic from head to toe. Despite my slight confusion, I still think her clarinet case is sweet and works as an eye-catching accessory piece like this Moroccan Plate cross-body bag from Free People.

Spotted: Tracy Reese fall 2013 ready-to-wear collection sported a similar ’90s vibe. Like this Fashionista, she combined elements of textured grunge pieces reminiscent of that era to embody that signature effortless appeal.


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