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The beauty of a hat is that it comes in all different identities. Personally, I think that a hat that fits isn’t a coincidence. It’s supposed to coincide with your personality. This Fashionista is wearing a hat I wish I could pull off, and she is doing it just fine.

Brimmed hats have always been popular in the summer; the bigger, the more luxurious. But, who’s to say you can’t take that trend over into the winter. Wool fedora hats are in and the motto, the bigger the better, still applies. If you’re into that vintage look, these ’50s, small brimmed fedora hats are for you. However, for those of you who are a little sassier, a wider brimmed fedora is cute as well that gives it more of a ’70s look. Let’s also keep in mind that the side flower on her fedora is to die for and depending on your style can be translated into a ribbon or a bow.

The flower is what I think is the best part of the hat besides the color. It clarifies that this Fashionista’s identity is poised and girly. It’s really hard to dress up a coat when it’s below 20 degrees. Style can easily be thrown out the window while comfort moves in front and center. Having a hat that shows your character makes your bundled black coat a little more personable.

Spotted: A short brimmed fedora hat was shown in Juicy Couture’s fall 2012 ready-to wear line.


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