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Once we make it to college, it’s all about the first impressions. Orientation is full of fun facts and name games, while graduation lets us show off our accomplishments and stacked resumes. You’ll never forget the day you met your close group of college friends, roommates and significant others. Just the other day, my best friend remembered everything from our first conversation right down to what I was wearing on that overcast Thursday! If you’re like me, putting names with faces is always difficult, so I’m more than happy to see a preppy trend sweeping collegiate style and even higher fashion these days. Stitched onto bags, etched onto bracelets, screen printed onto T-shirts—guys, I’m talking about monograms!

The personalization of fashion is a truly American aesthetic that began with the pioneering of fashion design in the United States in the 1970s. Regardless of the clash between reserved styles of the sixties and free-spirited designs popularized by youth culture, the need to promote your right to self-expression. Young people today still feel the spark their parents ignited, like this Fashionista, whose bohemian and preppy mixtures combine the best of both worlds. Her hippie-inspired white maxi dress and strapped leather sandals in a rich cognac from Sheikh Shoes bring a breezy, summertime vibe to campus. Warmer weather may be cause for some youthquake-style street wear but the authentic, collegiate vibe found in preppy aesthetics comes forward in her accessories.

Whether it’s the Michael Kors watch or her elegant monogram necklace from Etsy, our Fashionista knows how to bring home the gold. Delicate accessories like these make any outfit memorable to those you meet along your day. Personalization of your jewelry never goes out of style, acting as the perfect go-to piece for an interview or presentation. If you want to be remembered, do big things on campus! Get involved, start a movement, sit at a different lunch table… or try a monogram. Either way, you’re putting yourself out there. Is that not refreshing?

Spotted: Fellow Syracuse graduate Betsey Johnson isn’t afraid to show anyone who she is or what she’s wearing. Just take a look at her spring 2014 ready-to-wear collection, which is loaded with personalized necklaces and luggage bearing her signature. Toning down her over-the-top aesthetic, Betsey sure knows one classy way to spruce up a neutral color story!


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