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Warmish weather has finally graced the good people of Notre Dame and no one is complaining. Although the snow is melting into a dreary pool of grays and dirty browns, Fashionistas everywhere have been adding some pizazz to campus with their brightly colored cardigans. The catch? They’ve decided to kick it up a notch this time. Fashionistas, say goodbye to the standard pink and purple cardigans and give a warm welcome to geometric prints.

Geometric prints have dominated every printable surface, but that’s no surprise. With the inventive combination of circles, diamonds and rectangles, not only are they a form of art, but they play with your eyes. When you have geometric print, it can add depth to certain places and distract you from others. With the bold lines and carefully placed colors, it serves as an optical illusion, accentuating the parts of the body. It even does you the favor of adding structure to an otherwise flimsy cardigan that you bought on sale at last minute’s thought.

This Fashionista happened to hit this trend right on the spot with her statement-making geometric print cardigan. The bold lines work to add a little definition and structure to the otherwise laid-back look while the odd color combination works perfectly to complement one another. It’s modern, it’s abstract and it’s stylish. When paired with a plain lace T-shirt and denim skinny jeans, this geometric print packs a punch as it takes center stage.

For those of you who feel like this trend is a little too adventurous, try sticking to a neutral palette when picking out your clothes. For you thrill seekers on the other hand, pair this bold blouse with this attention-grabbing skirt or try this structured dress. Have a meeting with the professor? No worries! With this subtly subdued print, you’ll look fresh, clean and ready to rock. Fashionistas, prepare to brace yourselves. You are about to witness the perfect marriage of triangles, hexagons and squares in the style equation of the year.

Spotted: Check out this trend from Prada‘s fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection!


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