ACCESSORIES REPORT: Leather Makes It Better

Accessories Report

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single Fashionista in possession of a good wardrobe must be in want of a leather jacket. And why not? It’s warm, stylish and edgy enough to give you a rough-n’-tumble feel to any feminine outfit. It’s versatility is practically unmatched in the fashion world. Nothing can pair effortlessly with a tribal maxi dress and complement your favorite rocker T-shirt. Does your peacoat come with fringe or a hoodie? Probably not, but I can bet you that your biker jacket does. Whether you’re on the go or ready to rock a night on the town, the leather jacket has got your back.

After being in a daze of diethyl ether and hexane, I happened to stumble across this Fashionista rocking her own leather jacket on my way out of the chemistry lab. Although people most commonly wear the typical black leather jacket you see in those Aqua Net-filled ’80s movies, hers had a natural vintage wash to it in order to emphasize its texture. The subtle fading around the seams pulls your attention to the actual structure of the jacket, creating a definitive outline that all Fashionistas should look for when buying a jacket.The vintage wash also works to compliment the knitted sweater by mixing different textures to make the ensemble more interesting to the eye. When paired with this Fashionista’s faded combat boots and grey socks, the leather jacket packs an edgy punch to what would have been a typical it’s-lab-day-so-help-me outfit, while her cream colored headband and black skirt work perfectly to balance out the ensemble by adding a touch of femininity.

They’re chic, they’re versatile and they’re timeless, so this probably means that you should already have one in your fashion arsenal. That’s right Fashionistas (and Fashionistos), start hunting for your soon-to-be favorite jacket, because, let me tell you, it’s worth it. If you’re worried about what to wear it with, I’ve got you covered. Pair a black leather jacket over your cocktail dress and head on out for the weekend. Did you accidentally hit the snooze button too many times? Grab a printed scarf and throw on some colored jeans with your brown jacket and you’re ready to conquer your classes. Don’t be afraid to mix and match with patterns and colors. If you already have one-too-many black and brown coats, don’t worry because leather jackets come in all different styles and colors (I personally recommend this burgundy one). So Fashionistas, give your cardigan a rest and hang up your peacoat for a while. The leather jacket is about to take over.

Spotted: Fashionistos, this one’s for you. If anyone is fit for this trend, it’s you guys. Check it out from Lanvin’s men’s fall 2013 collection!


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