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We all know that layering is an essential part of winter wardrobes, whether it is layering a jacket with a plain T-shirt or layering your coats and pants to stay warm in the frigid city air. No matter what, we tend to layer our clothes a lot, but one item we seem to overlook in the winter is our jewelry. While on location in Florida, I found that Floridians do not have to layer much, as it stays a beautiful sunny 60-degrees most of winter, so their outfits resemble the beauty of spring. However, our Fashionista chose to layer a little differently, using her jewelry.

This week, our Fashionista has gone with the very trendy look of layering necklaces, she has on a long and short necklace each with a simple enamel pendant. This adds a nice touch to a simple black shirt as pictured above, and is easy to recreate by any Fashionista. On her wrists our Fashionista also chose to layer her bracelets. She is keeping the “arm party” trend hip with her Alex and Ani bracelets, Nepal Bracelets and a fun Michael Kors watch.

To end the outfit, our student added a pop of color with her patterned flats. Our Fashionista easily dressed up a plain outfit of a black top and blue jeans by accessorizing using her favorite jewelry pieces. While some of you city dwellers may not be able to wear this spring look yet, it is fun to try and add these items to your winter wardrobe as well.
This week, my challenge to you is to go revive your favorite jewelry. While you might have to wear them with a scarf, its okay to take off that layer and show off your accessories. Put on a few necklaces, which is a simple, innovative and exciting way to add a bit of personality to any outfit. You could even layer statement necklaces if you prefer them to longer simple chains. Take off your gloves and let your wrists shine with a watch and multiple bracelets, you could add some color here that would tie into a fun pair of shoes. If it is too cold for you to change up your shoes, find an interesting pair of tall socks that would poke out and have a nice addition to your look. All in all, you should try and dress up a simple outfit by expressing yourself through  exciting accessories.

Spotted: Watches and jewelry adding some extra pizzazz to all of the looks on Betsey Johnson’s spring 2014 runway.


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