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After seeing so many short, lace-up boots around campus, other types start to stick out more. Don’t get me wrong; I still love the lace-up boot trend, but seeing some variety is always nice. When talking about variety, it’s important to think about diversity among the things we wear. Putting together an outfit with a mixture of styles helps us create a personal look. So, if we love the lace-up boot trend but want to do it our way, then we might consider shopping in a new store or wearing something that isn’t typically made for us. What I am trying to explain is clearly represented by our Fashionista this week.

I spotted this week’s Fashionista on campus, of course. She wasn’t hiking on a nature trail or about to operate a power tool, yet she is still sporting some heavy-duty boots. The Timberland boots on her feet are perfect for those aforementioned activities, but they are equally appropriate for trekking from class to class. And they make a great fashion statement. The sturdiness of her boots add an element of toughness to her simple but cool outfit. Her black-on-black clothing make the Timberlands the main focus. The army green jacket is an excellent top layer because it adds to her sleek ensemble but still allows her boots to stand out.

Timberland makes this style boot in many different colors, but why not just stick to the classic version? It’s a neutral color, so the boots will comply with an array of items already in your closet. When the temperatures rise, don’t store the TImberlands away. Imagine wearing them with cut-off jean shorts and a bright colored slouchy V-neck top. I’ve been wanting these boots ever since I saw Kylie Jenner rocking them. Don’t laugh. This Fashionista has the right idea.

Spotted: Jean Paul Gaultier had tough looking boots strutting down the spring 2010 runway for his ready-to-wear collection.



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