Accessories Report

Dressing comfortably means something different to everyone. Some people feel most comfortable in sweatpants and Nike Air Jordan, while some people would feel awkward if they were to go outside in anything but a pair of stilettos and Louis Vuitton. If I were to describe my personal idea of a comfortable outfit, it would never consist of pants. And no, I don’t mean lounging around in my Victoria’s Secret PINK boxers all day (well, that’s always ideal for Saturday)… But I’d choose to wear a skirt or a dress over sweatpants or jeans any day — rain, hail, snow or heat wave. For these long days of classes this semester, I feel like I can never go wrong with a skirt, my favorite combat boots and some faithful accessories that I could wear with just about anything.

I spotted a Fashionista on campus who appeared to have the same preference as me. Despite the cold weather, she strutted down PhilaU’s brick runway in a denim circle skirt, black top and a purple peacoat. Her outfit, as a whole, was rather simple but the color of her coat gave her neutral ensemble a subtle lift.

An infinity scarf has become so much of an everyday accessory that we often keep it on, even when we are no longer outside. When picking out a scarf to wear for the day, it would be helpful to take note of how this Fashionista chose a scarf that matched the tone of her outfit. Also, a thin chain long enough to show from underneath of your scarf can be another simple piece that subtly enhances your look.

This Fashionista’s tan leather cross-body bag was my favorite part of her outfit. I’ve never really been a purse type of girl, so on any given day I’d prefer to wear a cross-body bag. It’s almost as if you don’t have to worry about carrying one, which can be great for days you have to carry coffee, books or in my case, a camera around campus.

The key to keeping it simple and comfortable is to wear exactly what you want. Choosing to wear your favorite pieces of clothing is the easiest setup for a good day!

Spotted: Thakoon used cross-body bags in his spring 2014 ready-to-wear collection. His were a little more fancy with pearl chains, but they still serve the same great purpose. Available in all shapes, sizes and designs, cross-body bags are a must have accessory for every season.


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