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Accessories Report

OK y’all, are we there yet? Sure, May tends to fly by at lighting speed. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m dragging myself to the finish line. With finals, exams, projects, speeches, group meetings and presentations, you really have to embrace your inner wild beast to get through it all. So throw on the cutest outfit you can muster, chug a coffee—or five—and show those finals who’s boss!

Spring can often be print-heavy with the staple florals and vibrant geometrics. Animal print, on the other hand, seems to be omnipresent, somehow incorporating itself in every season. Maybe it’s my southern atmosphere, but there’s just something about the constant leopard print that makes me roll my eyes. I know—how dare I? I like a good leopard print as much as the next girl; I even own several different wild cat-inspired items. But I’m always struggling to find a way to incorporate it into a modern look without seeming like a stereotypical style junkie. So, I was filled with such joy seeing this Fashionista’s classic incorporation of the timeless print. It’s easy to fall into the sassy-leopard style, but by pairing some simple printed flats with a more preppy look, this Fashionista instantly looks more current and modern.

If you’re finding yourself in an animal print rut, try pairing this staple print with a style you would never put together, like a polka-dot skirt peg pant or spring sweatshirt. Follow this Fashionista’s lead and add a versatile pair of leopard flats to your closet or an oversized wild printed tote that is a great sidekick for a long week of school. It’s that time of year to start cultivating your summer accessories, so go for a printed pair of shades or a handy spotted scrunchy for those busy, hot days.

Spotted: Gucci added a mod-spin to this classic print during their fall 2014 runway show.


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