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This year, many of my friends are blowing out 19 candles, myself included. To my dismay, it was recently brought to my attention that in one more year, we’ll be leaving the teenage years behind forever and officially entering the slightly scary, mostly mystifying adult world. In one more year, I’ll have been on this planet for two decades. While it may be one of those worries I’ll look back on as inane, growing up currently seems terrifying, bringing tons of changes. One of these — and perhaps one of the only things I’m slightly looking forward to — is the wardrobe change, the gradual swapping out of trendy, throwaway clothing for sophisticated, versatile separates. But what do you do in the transitional period — the time where you have an overstuffed closet full of seemingly unmatchable black business basics and hip, colorful pieces alike?

This charming Fashionista exemplifies the solution without losing her personal style, artfully combining a lacy summer dress, a red Peter Pan collar, a ruffled coat and an adorable bow with ladylike T-strap heels, buttoned gloves, jewelry and a leather satchel, all in one stunning outfit.

The sophisticated heels, pragmatic satchel and delicate accessories could just as easily be worn to an interview or business casual event, but this stylish student instead paired them with whimsical pops of color for a chic everyday look. The button cuff gloves add a cozy element to the ensemble, matching perfectly with the elegant watch, while the Peter Pan collar and the silver horseshoe necklace highlight her collarbone. Last but certainly not least, check out her adorable Snow White-themed bow, which she told me was handmade by her roommate. If you’re not creatively inclined, you’re in luck — this bow was the inspiration for her roomie’s handiwork.

Luckily, this sartorial superstar was willing to dish on how you too can impress with similar hardworking accessories. Buckle up some snazzy T-strap heels, clasp on a Tiffany & Co. horseshoe pendant necklace, your handy dandy watch and slide on some cozy knit gloves. Then pick up your matching handmade batchel, via the esteemed Cambridge Satchel Company, and take a bow: you’re well on your way to compiling more mature ensembles and one step closer towards adulthood.

Spotted: Balenciaga spring 2014 ready-to-wear brought bow-coup drama to their models’ hairstyles with oversized black bow headbands. Meanwhile, Nina Ricci spring 2014 ready-to-wear kept the bows on the down low, adding small ribboned ponytails to accentuate the models’ bare backs.


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