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It’s the time of year when cold weather is inevitable, and to be completely truthful, the frigid temperatures and frequent snowfalls don’t inspire me to do much more than curl up on the couch with a fleece blanket and cup of hot chocolate while watching a myriad of holiday films. Unfortunately, there’s still much running about to do during the colder months, so I’ve been searching for a way to take my comfy and cozy approach to winter and apply it to my outerwear accessories. Although gloves, hats and earmuffs are winter must-haves, the snood has been the accessory that I’ve been longing after most as of late.

A snood is similar to an infinity scarf, but rather than wrapping around several times, it’s in the form of a smaller, single loop that slips right over one’s head and onto his or her shoulders to keep the neck a bit toastier. I loved the way this Fashionista chose to wear hers with a light blue satchel and a contrasting camel-colored coat. Her entire look was sleek and put-together, but she still looked warm and comfortable enough for a journey from one class to the next. Along with the warmth factor that we’re all after, a knitted snood really helps give some additional texture to a look. It also can easily be worn once the coat is taken off as a supplement to an indoor outfit.

Ready to hang up one of these tubular snoods in your closet with the rest of your scarves? Go ahead and try out this knitted black one from ASOS or this gray one from Etsy. Keeping your winter accessories neutral will allow them to go a long way when pairing with your abundance of chic outerwear. If you’re willing to go for one that has a little more detail, this snood with a colorful zipper front is perfect for you.

So, fellow Fashionistas, as tempting as it may be stay curled up inside all day until the snow clears up, topping off your warm winter coat with the right accessory truly can make all the difference this season when it is finally time to venture out into the cold. Make sure you keep warmth and comfort a top priority while still staying stylish and maybe even a little bit snood-y.

Spotted: An abundance of snoods were seen on the Missoni fall 2009 runway proving that this classic and cozy type of scarf is here to stay.


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