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Blair Waldorf, Minnie Mouse and Katy Perry are a few ladies who have been able to successfully dress their head with a certain trending accessory—the bow. With the warmer weather beginning to make its return, take off your winter hat and replace it with a hair accessory, such as a bow.

As lace, glitter and sequins can be considered typical girlish embellishments, this Fashionista chose to show off her femininity with her ivory colored dress and a matching satin bow. Although bows have an attached stigma of displaying femininity, that doesn’t mean you have to be a girly girl to sport the look. Due to the fact that bows come in a variety of materials, sizes and colors, there are many opportunities for you to give this accessory a chance. For example, try a bow made of leather for a more masculine approach or for a subtler look, tie a loose bow around a low ponytail.

Bows can also be seen on shoes, jewelry, hats, bags and much more. They have quickly made their way to just about every piece of fashion you can think of and for good reason. Bows are a great way to add that extra finishing touch to any outfit, make a statement or bestow a feeling of excitement, just like when you receive a perfectly wrapped gift with a lovely bow on top.

Not only are bows appealing, but purposeful as well. You can wrap a bow around your waist and use it as a belt or wrap it around your head and wear it as a headband. Bows can also be used as a method for keeping your hair in place. Whether it is used to clip your bangs to the side or hold up your ponytail, there is a perfect bow for it.

If you love the look a bow provides but can’t seem to find one that’s right for you, check out different ways to craft your own bows. It’s a quick, easy and affordable activity you and your friends could do together.

Spotted: The bows in the Luella‘s spring 2009 ready-to-wear collection are funky and feminine hair accessories.


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