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As the summer semester comes to an end and fall semester is about to begin, it is time to start thinking about the essentials you are going to need for the upcoming school year. Of course there are your basic pencils, notebooks, laptop and index cards but what about the bag you are going to need to carry all of these things in?

In our modern day and age you no longer have to limit yourself to the stereotypical backpack as your school satchel. In fact the backpack is probably the reason for many people’s slight scoliosis due to its strain on the spine and shoulder region. So to avoid any spinal warped disease opt out this year for another book carrying tote like the very popular hobo bags.

For girls, these bags are like a dream come true. Unlike the 1990s mini backpack purses these bags can carry more than just your keys and lip gloss. They can hold your laptop, notebooks, wallet, water bottle, writing utensils and much more depending on the size of the bag you decide to go for. Not only that but these bags can be found in such a wide variety of styles that you will surely be able to find one that suits your personality best as well as add an interesting element to your outfit such as this Fashionista’s pop of color and glam through her bag.

For all of you Fashionisto’s, if you’re not into the man purse style try a messenger bag as your alternative to the backpack. A messenger bag will alleviate the strain on your back as well as make it much easier to reach for your school books or grab a pen to get that girls number you’ve been checking out all semester. These are very important things to consider gentleman, trust me.

At the end of the day you want to get a bag thats style suits you best and if that is a backpack then go for it but don’t say I didn’t warn you about that scoliosis.

Spotted: Marni sent a plethora of alternative backpack styles down the runway this fall ranging from hobo bags to oversized clutches. They clearly got the scoliosis memo.


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