ACCESSORIES REPORT: It’s All About the Mix

Accessories Report

Fashion today is synonymous with choice. The incredible range of fashion producers that currently exist — from huge international retailers like Zara to small business boutiques and everything in between — makes this true now more than ever. Personal style is a powerful vehicle that allows for creative experimentation and the shaping of individuality. While many people subscribe to a strict mode of style, be it preppy or grunge, or stick to a limited color palette, I am always struck by those whose outfits showcase a mix of different statements and trends.

This Fashionista has created a look that is all her own. Her subdued color palette allows her to play with texture and color in a unique and stylish way. I particularly love the way she pairs her Blundstone boots, a footwear staple in Australia, with a classic double buckle leather Coach bag. By keeping the material and color — leather and black — of her boots and handbag consistent, the mix of the rugged and refined works in a cool and unexpected way. And, both are incredibly functional. While the Blundstone boots have a storied reputation as tough, reliable boots, I was surprised to discover this Fashionista had her MacBook, wallet and various notebooks all comfortably stored inside her bag.

The oatmeal-colored socks sticking out of her Blundstone boots juxtaposed with the pop of her orange and pink paisley scarf gives her outfit an unexpected touch of color and texture that complements the synergy of her overall aesthetic. This Fashionista’s outfit is a lesson in dressing in a way that is modern, stylish and all your own.

Spotted: While the Blundstone boot is a shoe on its own, its close-in-aesthetic cousin, the Chelsea boot was found on the runways of Suno’s fall 2013 collection.


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