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As the winter season dreadfully continues, I hear multitudes…wait, scratch that. I read about multitudes of girls wishing it were finally time to break out the shorts and skirts, via Twitter of course. Let’s be honest, all our newsfeeds have been flooded with tweets about how girls finally want to “look cute again UGH #firstworldstruggles”. Well listen up Fashionista’s, there’s a plethora of ways to incorporate our favorite summer pieces with the comfort and warmth of winter layers. Accessorizing is key in the dreary winter, and this Fashionista stood out to me in her ability to mix the simplicities of summer and winter.

This Fashionista did a marvelous job of incorporating black and brown into an outfit. By matching her staple little black dress to her black Longchamp tote, she made her light brown combat boots blend right in, while also giving the outfit some edge. This outfit also could have worked well if she had matched her purse to the color of the combat boots (beware mixing shades of brown). Her dress shows the carefree feeling of summertime with its flirty flounce, while keeping it winter appropriate through its dark color. Also, when looking for the perfect LBD, find something with a cute back so you can rock it in the summer as well! After all, the best type of using in fashion is reusing.

This Fashionista’s addition of the cardigan gives her a boost of extra warmth for a chilly sunny day without clashing with the other colors. It really turns the summery dress into a wintery, and even springy, fashion statement. If temperature’s are brutally low where you live, then opt for a dress with longer sleeves that give the impression of a summer dress, while still pairing the cardigan on top. Her unique necklace adds a touch of class and flare to the ensemble.

This Fashionista’s statement knee-high socks, however, were the icing on top of the cake for me. Knee-high socks provide heat to our legs, while not necessarily needing to wear pants. It keeps the look feminine and fresh because of its pop of radiant color. I love how her colors incorporate both the brightness of summer with the pink and the calmness of winter with the green. If you’re a little bit (or a lot) shorter than this Fashionista like I am, go for lengths that hit a few inches below the knee to give the illusion of elongated legs.

Spotted: Cozy knee-high socks paired with a summery dress and personality fitting accessories was spotted in the Ralph Lauren ready-to-wear spring 2014 runway show. If RL says you should do it, don’t even question it, just do it.



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