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One aspect of the fashion industry that has always fascinated me is it’s ability to take something that seems so common and transform it into something unique and special. Without this process of alteration, we would only have our basics to cling to.  As wonderful and easy as they are, they can lack that factor that makes us all stop and stare. This Fashionista had my full adoration with her ability to perfectly curate a look of basics and wonderfully unique pieces at the same time.

One of the best examples of the fashion community transforming an ordinary object into something distinctive is the belt. What was once something only used to hold up our pants and be concealed under shirts has come out of hiding with a bit of flare. I would like to attribute the rising popularity of fashion forward belts to the now popular high waisted fit just like this Fashionista is modeling. This particular look is perfect for the upcoming festival season and the belt gives it just the right amount of flare. You can find similar belts like this one here or here. When wearing a woven belt make sure you give it its much-deserved attention by wearing a plain T-shirt.

If you are still unsure about the high-waisted look then try pairing a woven belt with an easy dress. A wider option, like this one, will bring more attention to your waist if you want to show it off. Trust me ladies this is definitely a look you will want to get a cinch on this spring.

Spotted: This Mara Hoffman look is the perfect example of pairing a woven belt with a breezy dress.


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