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Before I write anything on this Fashionista I feel I should mention that I have never been a fan of tribal prints. I think for me, I see them as an Island style that originates from an individual, unique culture. A style that should stay unique to it’s origins, not something I thought should be mass-produced and sold as a top trend. Well today I stand corrected. This Fashionista has me in awe of her unique tribal style that includes hits of bohemian, urban and ’90s influences.

The layers of prints and ornament accessories come together giving her a strong presence of individual style. I admire the full magnitude of her look, for it screams self-expression. Each accessory, all exclusively detailed, adds depth and intensity. The patched, vintage jean jacket paired with opposing colors pays tribute to the mismatch trend doing so tastefully. Why match, when you can mismatch? To aid her colorful style she layers on differing jewelry pieces. While most of us have jumped on the ring bandwagon she remains true to all jewelry styles. Amidst her fingers you’ll find a few bands, but the accents on her ears and nose are what demand the attention. She wears small, vintage flowers upon her ears and unique nose ring. If it fits your style nothing screams expression like a facial piercing.

This city influenced Fashionista combines an array of accessories to complete her style. I find I can’t even focus on just one piece for her ensemble is so detail oriented. From casual conversation I came to find most of her look was thrifted which is why I seem to have so much respect for her style. She explained most pieces, from her earrings all the way down to her combat boots, were found one of a kind at a thrift store to express her one of a kind personality.

Layers are undoubtedly in and mismatching is a widely accepted style this year, but I dare you to take it a step further. Use your accessories to be loud. Pair a bright jacket with a bright tribal trend and try stepping out of your comfort zone. Accessories are the easiest things to layer for they can be tons of tiny pieces or a large one to pull it all together.

Spotted: The Givenchy Spring 2014 Menswear show displays tribal styles with a strong urban twist. Get inspired by a seemingly outlandish style.



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