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Whether you love or hate them, Timberland’s are here to stay — at least for now. While the struggle between deciding whether or not the rugged, tan ankle boot with a brown band is suitable for girls has weighed on my mind for some time now, I am officially declaring it one of the latest trends.

When I first heard of the trend from a friend in New York, I thought it was ridiculous. Girls wearing a big hiking boot that most guys can’t even make stylish? It’ll never take off. But as most trends start out (in New York and a bit crazy) the ridiculous becomes the accepted, and then eventually, the coveted new style. Soon enough, the shoes started appearing on girls in the streets of Michigan, and it was then I knew it wasn’t going anywhere.

This Fashionista rocks her Timberlands in just the right way. Wearing black leggings with her shoes, the slender silhouette really shows off her footwear. The company also has a wide variety of styles and colors for every wardrobe. She pairs her basic bottoms with a classic black and white pullover. If you are a bit skeptical about taking the risk of wearing Timberlands, stick to a classy color palette or a top with simple details. Her graphic crewneck keeps her warm and comfortable, and the touch of leather on the shoulders helps pull together a rugged yet feminine look.

The big argument about them is that the Timberland boot is made for guys, not girls. But fashion tends to embrace anything that a majority of people don’t. Kudos to you Fashionistas, for challenging the rules of fashion and trying on a different boot. Maybe the problem lies in the countless other types of widely popular boots girls are criticized for sporting: UGGs, camel riding boots and combat boots. So go ahead and wear your Timberlands Fashionistas, because if the male population keeps snickering at the sea of matching girl footwear, guess what? We’re moving in on yours.

Spotted: Tan boots are all over the fashion world for spring 2014. If you’re looking for something similar to Timberland boots with more of a chic flair, Rachel Comey has a lace-up pair that’s the perfect combination of tough and cute.


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