ACCESSORIES REPORT: Heat It Up With Headbands

Accessories Report

Cold, cold, cold!! Trying to stay warm in Minnesota can seem almost impossible at times. But you can stay warm and fashionable during these frigid winter months. One of my favorite winter accessories is a winter headband. Not only do they keep your ears warm, they also keep you stylish. What’s better than an accessory that is functional and fashionable?!

It seems that every year winter headbands become more popular and trendy. It’s the perfect accessory for college girls who have to walk in the cold to class. We get to keep our ears warm and look good—it’s the perfect combination. Winter headbands started out as plain fabric and transformed into all different kinds of styles. Some popular styles include crocheted, fur, flowers, bows and intertwined knits. You don’t have to sacrifice your hair or style with this winter accessory. Not only can these headbands keep you warm, they can also keep you from catching that winter cold.

This Fashionista caught my eye right away. She had on many cute winter accessories that kept her warm: gloves, socks, a scarf and headband. I loved how she matched her winter accessories with the different colors she had on. Her winter headband was my favorite accessory she wore to keep warm. I loved how it was a crocheted style and had a bright colored blue flower with a button in the middle. The blues, creams and browns were great color combinations to complement her hair color and outfit. She looked stylish and warm with this winter headband.

Make sure you wear a winter headband to stay stylish and warm walking around campus next time you are out.

Spotted: Marc Jacobs fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection featured fashionable winter accessories that people wouldn’t miss you wearing. Huge hats were the main feature to this fashion show that would keep you fashionable, noticed and warm!


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