ACCESSORIES REPORT: Heads Up For Headbands

Accessories Report

Lately I’ve been realizing that I tend to seek out Fashionistas and Fashionistos who wear accessories that have a practical and easy to wear appeal. Accessories shouldn’t always have to be complicated, right? Simplicity is something that should be cherished and admired. With that being said, this week I am embracing one of the most classic accessories there is: headbands. No matter the season, no matter the year, headbands are an accessory that will always stay trendy and, most importantly, effortless.

The possibilities of headbands are truly endless and I think they can tell a lot about a person. Headbands possess a sort of personality with varying shapes, colors, textures, patterns, etc. Thin and uncomplicated, or thick and bulky, headbands take on countless forms. This season I’ve been noticing a great deal of wider sized ones, with several patterns and colors. Wide headbands, originally called “headache bands” because of the belief that tight pressure around the forehead would relieve/prevent headaches, took off in popularity in the early 20th Century. Since then they have grown as a trend and have found a home in the fashion worlds accessories department.

The Fashionista featured decided to use her black and white leaf printed wide headband to pull back her hair and create a chic, but easy look. It’s thick material creates an eye catching accessory and the contrasting light and dark colors work well with her darker hair. Continuing the simple look, she wore cabernet colored ribbed tights from J.Crew and a simple black top from Urban Outfitters. For shoes she kept it uncomplicated as well, with a pair of black booties from DSW. Her final accessory is a Kate Spade black leather handbag. With a clean cut outfit like this, the headband ties it all together and gives a nice subtle surprise because of the pattern. Following this straightforward type look is a safe and simple bet and I advise every Fashionista to dress down your ensembles by adding a fashionable headband.

Spotted: In the spring 2013 Comme Des Garçons menswear collection every single model sent down the runway has on a black thick headband, with varying designs on each.


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