ACCESSORIES REPORT: Heading West For Spring

Accessories Report

The polar vortex seems to have had its last hurrah this past week; the unending winter has finally lifted—I’ve got my fingers crossed that it doesn’t unexpectedly return—and spring is finally here. The emergence of 50-degree (yes, that is spring weather for us in New York) days has left me scrambling for spring clothes in my sweater and leather filled closet. With all of my floral and light cotton dresses still stuck in my attic at home, I’ve had to make-do with repurposing the winter wardrobe that I have at school.

This Fashionista took the weather change in stride. She celebrates the warmer weather in a breezy white button down and ripped jeans. The most impressive part of this Fashionista’s outfit is her use of tan leather accessories. While leather is traditionally associated with the colder months, the lighter color of our Fashionista’s cowboy boots, fringe bag and belt allow these accessories to transition from winter to spring as the weather warms up. Her piles of authentic silver jewelry add to the Western vibe of her outfit, a look just begging to be worn at any number of the upcoming music festivals. Her accessories exemplify the effortless and natural style and laid back personality of this Fashionista.

The Western look is a constant classic in American fashion. It’s also extremely easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. Pile on some silver jewelry like this Fashionista, throwing in some natural stones like turquoise. Cowboy boots are certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, so instead take inspiration from our Fashionista’s purse and try some suede Minnetonka boots.

Spotted: Western inspired fashion has been a staple on the runway for years. Check out some of the cowboy boots featured in Isabel Marant’s fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection!



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