Accessories Report

Getting farther into the semester, your fashion sense may be failing along with your motivation. But keep a positive mind Fashionistas and Fashionistos because as the weather is improving, so should your attitude and your style! This week, I’m giving a little accessory advice to the guys out there.

Looking good doesn’t have to mean “dressing up.” This Fashionisto defies the norm of sweats on college campuses and still rocks the casual cool look. A beanie is the perfect accessory to transition from winter to spring. Pick a neutral colored knit one like he does to be able to wear it with any outfit. A beanie comes in many styles, including chunkier knits, colors and patterns, and with poms on the top. If you like wearing many different variations and colors in your outfits, stay with a simple beanie like this one from Urban Outfitters. And if your look consists of mainly one color or style, a stripe pattern might be better for you.

As far as how to wear a beanie, it’s completely up to you! Common looks Fashionistos can try are completely covering your hair or sporting it on the back of your head for a more slouchy appearance.

This Fashionisto layers up the rest of his outfit with a button-up and sweater to dress up the look a bit more. Throwing on a button-up green khaki jacket completes the layered look any guy can master in no time without sacrificing warmth.

A blue colored jean mixes up this Fashionistos outfit, and can be found in stores all over this spring. Another accessory he does right is his brown leather gloves. While keeping warm and casual, the leather brings a classic and upscale touch to his outfit. This Fashionisto beige lace-up shoes complete his look to match his beanie and are a casual, more fashionable alternative to sneakers.

Whether you are a style savvy guy looking to switch up your style, or one whose wardrobe could use some TLC, take notes from this Fashionisto and start your spring shopping out right with a comfortable and stylish beanie that can survive the duration of even the longest college days and nights.

Spotted: Michael Kors just released his fall 2014 menswear collection with models decked out in casual, lounge wear galore, topped with an oversized beanie on their very trendy heads.



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