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Finding a properly fitting hat can be incredibly challenging. Maybe your head is on the smaller side, so hats feel too baggy. Or maybe your head is too large to fit into the type of hat you want to wear. Nonetheless, there are many factors to consider besides your head size when shopping for a hat. You must think about potential hat hair, ear coverage, versatility and the style factor.

Today’s Fashionista is sporting a men’s knit navy blue hat. This hat not only has the warmth factor, but it’s also a neutral hue that can be worn with a variety of different colors. The pom-pom on top is also a fun addition that you can find on many types of hats.

Going with a neutral colored cap is a wise choice for Fashionista/os because it expands the amount of outfits you can pair it with, and they tend to look good with most hair colors and skin tones. On this Fashionista, the navy blue hat really complements her long blonde locks.

Keeping up with the blue theme, she is also wearing a simple blue pea coat with a blue and white patterned scarf. On her feet, she is sporting a pair of black lace-up boots, which add a tough edge to her ensemble. Even though pairing black with navy is commonly a fashion no-no, it’s a rule that can easily be broken. So don’t be afraid to mix neutrals or even wear men’s accessories.

Since winter might not be over for another month or two, I suggest you find a hat soon if you don’t already have one. This red hat from Brooks Brothers would look great with dark or light hair. If you’re a fan of the pom-pom, take a look at this black beanie from Patagonia.

If you want to avoid hat hair, try to find a wool or cashmere hat. This will help decrease the amount of potential static unlike hats made from more synthetic materials. Some other helpful hints are to use a leave in conditioner before you venture into the cold and never wear a hat with wet hair!

Spotted: Some of the models are sporting bold and furry hats in Juicy Couture’s fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection.


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