ACCESSORIES REPORT: Hallelujah, It’s Raining Boots

Accessories Report

Amen! We all know the unfortunate, but classic cliché, “April showers bring May flowers.” We’re into the spring season and just a few short days away from April and, as I have learned the hard way this year at Elon, the rain (and occasional ice) showers are not going anywhere anytime soon. When summer, winter and spring all happen in the same day, it’s always a good idea to just throw on a pair of rain boots to be fashionably safe. With puddles forming quickly, basic white girl UGGs are soaking through, and delicate sandals cannot afford the water damage. Rain boots are probably the most valuable pair of shoes you can invest in for dismal walks across campus. They battle snow, they battle rain, they battle it all. Elsa’s freezing powers ain’t got nothin’ on rain boots.

A wildly popular brand of rain boots I always spot around campus is Hunter. Hunter Boots look cute and come in a variety of colors and styles. They also come with a comfortable and cute sock inside for extra warmth and protection. I can admit that I never bought a pair of rain boots for myself until coming to college. Everyone always made them sound so unappealing, so I really had no interest. Then I found out that there are so many cute colors and patterns out there, and they really are necessary when you have to walk everywhere in every season. Other brands of rain boots are always seen, as well, and adding a cute pair of knee-high socks always adds a bit of pizazz to your ensemble if you rock a monochromatic pair.

Our Fashionista is sporting a pair of Burberry House Check rain boots. I especially loved her boots because they weren’t the simple and plain rain boots that I usually see around campus. They add a sense of freshness and cheerfulness to the ensemble, which is extremely important for a dreary day. A pair of knee-highs could simply be added to the look. Her leggings make great for a casual day of class, and make the outfit look twice as cozy. You can wear rain boots with jeans, shorts, skirts or dresses, as well, depending on the temperature and occasion.

I absolutely adored the pop of color from her vest because it highlighted the red in her rain boots, as well as complemented her skin tone and hair color. It really ups the ensemble from everyday casual to rainy day chic. It adds great shape to her torso that sweaters tend to forget about. Her bracelets were simple and individual. The coffee cup was a great touch to really define the survival of a midterm week in rain. And you know what one raindrop said to the other. Two’s company, three’s a cloud.  Rain boots forever.

Spotted: Rain boots paired with socks underneath were strutted across the runway during the Hunter fall 2014 ready-to-wear show. It really embraces how you can wear rain boots in any season.


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