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Record low temperatures, bustling winds and the flu—in the words of Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” This Fashionisto would agree accessorizing his hipster grunge/street-edged outfit with an oversized tribal inspired scarf. Accessorizing is usually not thought of as a guy thing, but this scarf is a sure eye catcher and definitely changed my opinion.

A warm, comfy scarf is a must for heading to class on those chilly days. Big and chunky scarves are particularly popular and great for combatting winter weather. We are not in Texas but bigger is better, right? Well, this certain style of scarf adds to the popular oversized trend. Different types of scarves include the infinity scarf , which has no ends, and the average double ended scarf with two ends. The oversized versions are usually thicker and made of bulkier materials like wool. Some oversized scarves can be as big as bedroom throws or ponchos. I know wearing your bedroom throw sounds slightly weird and overwhelming, but the scarf can be styled various ways and can emphasize nearly any outfit.

Pay attention to how this Fashionisto mixed pieces from different styles to establish his own unique look. A mix of grunge, a little street, a dab of vintage and a splash of festive obviously works in his favor. He kept his jeans and jacket slim fitting allowing the scarf to take control. Besides keeping him warm, the scarf dramatizes the outfit and serves as the statement piece in the look. The layering effect creates movement while the colors catch eyes.

I immediately fell in love with this Fashionisto’s look, especially his scarf. The oversized scarf is a favorite because it keeps you warm and it says you’re not afraid of a little drama in your style. The key to making this accessory work is by simply letting it own the outfit. For decorating with a big scarf like this Fashionisto, keep the outfit simple. Big, knit infinity scarves are great for pairing with oversized sweaters, cool cardigans, or plain tops. Tribal patterned scarves are great with natural colors such has burnt orange, maroon, brown and olive green. The oversized look should not dominate the entire look. To successfully accomplish the look, pull inspiration from different styles!

Spotted: Huge knit scarves rocked Ami’s fall 2012 menswear collection.


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