Accessories Report

It’s easy to forget about accessories for guys sometimes, but they are just as important. Whether it be for a business meeting, class, a date or any other daily event, your chosen accessories speak for you and your image. I caught this Fashionisto after class one day. He is wearing a fairly casual outfit, but the details in his accessories make him seem much more put together, ready to tackle whatever is next in his schedule.

The reflective finish of his aviators quickly caught my eye. Especially now that the weather is getting warmer, sunglasses are making a slow but steady comeback. Aviators are a great style of frames that give off a causal feeling. Ray-Ban is a classic sunglasses brand for both men and women.

His watch has a gold band and face, an interesting addition of metallics into his outfit. A watch can serve as a great transition piece. This accessory dresses up his outfit to the point that it could be worn to a casual work place or to pick up a friend for lunch. Either way, a man’s best go-to accessory is the watch. There are thousands of different styles, which can give individuality and several options varying from active to casual everyday wear to black tie events.

Finally, his red TOMS shoes are what give the outfit the comfortable and casual appearance. TOMS shoes is also a socially conscious brand with their “One For One” program. This Fashionisto’s vibrant red shoes accent the blue gingham of his shirt and give added interest to the entire outfit. Comfort is one of the most important features of a garment or accessory for men. It is important to be mindful of both appearance and comfort when buying menswear accessories for yourself or your male friend.

Spotted: Prada’s fall 2013 menswear line is a great example of the use of color, more specifically vibrant red like this Fashionisto, to accentuate other parts of the outfit.


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