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I swear, this cold weather has been sent down from the fashion gods themselves so Florida girls could break out their boots and jackets and show off some amazing style. Finally we can wear boots for a reason! I saw this Fashionista showing off her grungy but girly cold weather look and took notice of how she used her accessories to grunge up her outfit, and I mean that in the best way possible.

First of all let me clarify something, “grungy” does not mean dirty looking or trashy. Grungy fashion includes wearing looser clothes, edgier items, sometimes vintage pieces and maybe looking just a slight bit messy, but in a way where you are purposefully doing so. I personally love grungy looks because it is not what everyone around me is wearing. The grungy look is super trendy right now, but I have to admit it can be an intimidating task trying to make grunge look good. However, using grunge-type accessories like today’s Fashionista did is the perfect way to start adding this trend into your outfits.

Today’s Fashionista has a pretty girly outfit with a gray knit sweater, jeans and a white long sleeve shirt. But her accessories including her necklace and boots added an edge of grunge to the mix, creating a visually appealing look. Her tailored vintage-feel turquoise suede jacket with large buttons and pleated pockets is her stand out girly item, but her worn Steve Madden patent leather Dr. Marten-inspired boots and long spike silver necklace from Forever 21 counteract the girly feel. You can find many similar jackets and boots on eBay. She made the right choices by not lacing her boots up all the way, as it added to the grunginess, and by letting her necklace be the only jewelry item, as having more would have ended up looking too girly.

By utilizing just two accessories, today’s Fashionista completely changed the look of her outfit from simple and girly, to edgy and grungy. Try adding just a few accessory pieces to a look to change the feel of an outfit. For example, add combat boots, patterned tights and a flannel with a tailored button-down and a black skater skirt to create something new. Today’s Fashionista took a risk that paid off. Now it is your turn!

Spotted: 3.1 Phillip Lim does a great job at mixing edgy and girly in his spring 2014 ready-to-wear collection like today’s Fashionista showed us how to do.


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