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With the ground actually visible, any sort of break from the snow is welcome, even if that break means thunderstorms. It appears that spring has officially started with the appearance of “April showers” about a month and a half early, but complaints are nowhere to be found considering that means it is above freezing! Warmer temperatures mean fewer layers and greater options for Fashionistas and Fashionistos around campus as well as a greater opportunity to showcase those rain boots that have been doubling as snow boots.

If this Fashionista is anything like me, she’s been wearing her rainboots around in the snow all winter, but now they have a real chance to shine. Her navy and white polka-dots are cute enough, but the miniature floral print just puts them in a whole new category of spring time adorable. Her pairing with tights and skirt make this still perfectly appropriate for 45-degree weather, but the cream pleats keep things light and looking ready for spring. Keeping with the rainy day attire, she initially caught my eye with her brightly colored floral umbrella. Don’t be afraid to sport a unique umbrella around campus; make it your signature on rainy days! Everyone will know who the Fashionista on campus is with an incredibly chic umbrella.

Even with adorable boots and umbrella, this Fashionista’s outfit wouldn’t be complete without jewelry. She wowed me with her choice of a jade and gold statement necklace. One of my personal favorite combinations is a striped top and statement necklace and her pairing did not disappoint. Lastly, for an overall look she added two dainty rings to finish everything off with a sweet and feminine vibe. A rainy day doesn’t have to be a drag, and a flirty silhouette paired with the right accessories can take it from gray to great.

Spotted: Hunter put on it’s first ever runway show this week for their ready-to-wear clothing line Hunter Original. It exhibited more than just a couple ways to keep dry and chic in the rain this year.


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