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While some of us are counting down the days to another summer break, some Fashionistas and Fashionistos around campus are counting down their last days of college ever! It seems that everywhere I look there are more and more reminders of graduation popping up. From the packing of friends’ apartments to the professors becoming more and more sentimental, it is clear that soon we will be having to say goodbye to our friends and colleges. It isn’t all sad, though; I found this Fashionista walking through campus with her cap and gown coming from a photo shoot for the school website. Her outfit and accessories are a perfect example what what to wear under your robes in the coming weeks.

No matter what your school’s colors are, black will keep you from clashing with the ceremony’s color scheme. It’s a classic, flattering and safe bet. There is hardly ever a wrong time to wear black. The same goes for layering. It is almost always a good idea to layer. In case of an emergency indoor or outdoor location switch, a cardigan over chiffon dress will ensure that the temperature will be one less thing to worry about on such an eventful day. This Fashionista opted for one with a little glitz on the front and shoulder to break up the all black ensemble, and it also helps to tie in her accessory choices.

It can be difficult to know how many accessories are appropriate for certain events. I like to stick with the statement rule. I think that one statement piece and one or two coordinating pieces will keep any Fashionista looking glam without being over the top. This neon necklace doesn’t distract from this Fashionista’s beautiful smile, but actually draws your eye to her face. Lastly, her simple diamond studs complement the rest of her outfit without drawing away from the necklace.

A simple and accessorized ensemble will keep the stress to a minimum and style to a maximum for any and all graduation events this season.

Spotted: The Assembly spring 2014 runway show took neon and black to a whole new level.


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