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Now, I hope that everyone recognizes the Trinidad James lyrics from his popular “All Gold Everything” song and uses it as a way to think about accessories.

You heard me, let’s ponder on this lyric for a bit and think, how can I incorporate this into my wardrobe? Well, no worries, I found a Fashionista who has lived out this lyric and has found a stylish and classy way to wear a gold chain! Not around her neck, as presumed, but on her cross-body bag. Her cross-body, which is composed of black leather and a chunky gold chain that gives it personality, allows her to dress up her ensemble without putting in too much effort.

Her cross-body bag puts her entire outfit together. She keeps her outfit fun by wearing a jersey circle skirt with a quirky white pattern along with a white cropped top, because let’s face it: California’s winter weather is almost non-existent. But in order to dress according to the season she wears a cream colored cardigan along with trendy Steve Madden combat boots. She also keeps her color scheme to the two basic colors, black and white. Since she does keep her colors simple, it allows her to experiment with the materials and patterns that she wears.

This, then allows us to focus our eyes on the glittering chunky chain on cross body bag. By wearing this bag, she pulls her outfit together and focuses it on the one accessory. The leather and rectangular shape of the bag keeps it elegant; hence dressing up her outfit from the more casual materials she sports in her clothing. The chain, however, adds to the element of elegance and yet enhances the fun pattern on the skirt and ensemble entirely. The chunky aspect and gold color gives it a clean and sleek look, but nonetheless, gives a bit of a sparkle to the simple colors she wears.

This Fashionista knew exactly how to wear this cross-body and style it in a perfect manner, and she accomplishes multiple looks while doing so. While we’ve seen plenty of studs in clothing lately, why don’t we go for something different and use a chain instead? Find a gold chain you like and use it as a necklace, headband or even earrings! Be creative with your gold chains and dress up your outfit with them, don’t be afraid to experiment.

Spotted: Trinidad James wasn’t the only who thought using gold chains was stylish; check out Moschino’s use of chains on the runway.


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